What are the rules Hindu's live by?in America, a lot of religions live and follow the "10 Commandments" , & the holy bible.. What do Hindu follow ?

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Hindus or people who follow Hinduism do not really live by many rules. They believe in an array of idols such as Vishnu and Gunesh. For Example Judaism, Christianity, and Islam believe in almost the same principles and oly believe in one God. There are various celebrations which are celebrated by them. One of the main ones which are very popular is called "Diwali".

Hindu's believe in something called "Reincarnation". This means that one they die, they will be reborn. If they did well in his or her life, they would reincarnate into a rich and wealthy human being for example. But if they commited wrongful sins, they would reincarnate into a Goat or a sheep etc. 

They also follow something called a caste system. Their caste system has four types of grouped people. They are : Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya, Sudra and the Untouchables. 

The Untouchables are people you would usually find on the streets of India. They are poorly treated with no respect. If a Brahmin (Rich man) or any other caste touched an Untouchable, they would immediately go back home and take a good shower as if they had touch feces. 

Untouchables are people who live their lives on the street. They usually do not ask for food or money. All they usually do is live their daily lives. There is heaps of critism in the Western world about if the Caste system in India is right. 

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Hindus don't really follow a bible or the "10 commandments". Hindus just praise on hindu gods and pray to them. They have cultural festives and traditions worshiping different hindu gods. Also the different traditions show respect to the different type of god being worshipped. For example, Christians pray to one god which is Jesus. Hindus worship many different types of gods including, Krishna,Laxmi,Shiva,etc. The many different traditions and culutures focus on one type of god.

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