What rules does Jonas like and not like?  Please help a soon as possible.

Expert Answers
rugator eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It's not so much the rules, per se, that trouble Jonas. The reality of life in his community, as he learns about his new role as Recevier, is what he opposes. When he learns that he can lie, for example, he wonders who else has been instructed to do so and who may have been lying to him during the course of his life. He despises the idea that he lies in a community of "sameness." He wants choice. He wants color. He wants individuality. When The Giver informs him that he will be the recipient of memories, he slowly begins to wish that the community's past (memories) didn't have to be limited to only Recievers (and Givers).

The standard responses that have become cliche are uttered by Jonas with an implied understanding that they are against his deeper convictions. But he utters them nonetheless.

The nightly sharing of feelings are, to Jonas, a necessary evil.

So in many respects, it's not the so-called rules that bother him. After all, as the new Receiver, he's exempt from many of them. It's more a case of him not wanting to accept what his world is in actuality.