What is rule 118 in Bud, not Buddy?

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In chapter two, Bud is sent to the Amos household, where he is bullied and beat up by their son, Todd. When Todd's mother enters the room, he feigns an asthma attack and lies about Bud bullying him. Mrs. Amos instantly believes her son and declares that Bud will not spend another night in her house. After Mr. Amos enters the room with Bud's suitcase, Mrs. Amos says that he will be sleeping in the shed tonight before stating that she intends to send Bud back to the Home the first thing in the morning. In an attempt to deceive Mrs. Amos and leave her hostile household, Bud begs to stay and not return to the Home. Bud says,

Shucks, going back to the Home was just what I wanted to do, but I was being just like Brer Rabbit in one of the books Momma used to read to me at night when he yelled out, "Please, Brer Fox, don't throw me into the pricker patch, please, please!" (Curtis, 10)

As Bud is begging to stay at the Amos household, he recalls Rule 118, which states,

You Have To Give The Adults...

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