How is right to information useful for people?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The right to information is a very important part of any true democracy.  In a democracy, citizens need to know what their government is doing.  They need to know this so that they can decide for themselves whether the government is doing what they think it should be doing.  If the citizens do not have information about their government, democracy becomes less meaningful.  Citizens will not know enough about the government and its actions to be able to push the government to act in the "right" way.

In order for citizens to be able to participate effectively in democracy, they need information about government.  This is why the right to information is so important.

lalithareddy | Student

How is RTI useful PDF Print E-mail RTI unlocks the door to government files where all the information pertaining to your applications for passport, licence, pension, etc. is kept and processed. It also allows you inspect government offices, properties, works, documents, registers, and obtain samples of material. You can ask for the datewise work done on any of your matter pending with a department. In other words, RTI helps you go deep into the government's lair and pull out exactly what you need. But why would you do that? Let us give you a broader view of how the RTI can help. You face a variety of problems with the government departments, police, educational institutions, passport offices, PWD, municipality, etc. 1. You have some pending work with a department and they are not doing it. 2. They are expecting or demanding a bribe. 3. You submitted a grievance but they are simply not acting on it. 4. You made a complaint against any wrongdoing, but without any result. 5. A decision was taken that affected you but you were not given the reasons. 6. Your company did some government work but they are not releasing your payment. You can use the Right to Information Act, 2005 to overcome such problems. File a request for that information which will make government officers uncomfortable or expose their corruption. Usually, this forces them to act and do your work first & then report a positive status so that you may be kept in good humour.