What route did Bartolomeu Dias use? How far did he go around Africa in 1488?

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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Bartholomeu Dias also known as Bartholomew Diaz, was The first European to lead a 1487 voyage around the Cape of Good Hope on the Southern most tip of South Africa. The voyage of exploration lasted sixteen months and the expedition route travelled as follows: "Sao Jorge de Mina, the Portuguese fortress on the Gold Coast to take on extra provisionsSailed passed the coast of Angola. December 1487 they reached Golfo da Conceicão (Walvis Bay) Sailed into Golfo de Santo Estevao (Elizabeth Bay). January 1488 unknowingly the sailed through a terrible storm around the Cape of Good Hope which Diaz called called Cabo Tormentosa - the Cape of Storms. Sailed North to Bahia dos Vaqueiros (Mossel Bay) where they landed February 3 1488 Landed at Bahia da Roca (Algoa Bay). 12 March 1488 west of Bushman's River mouth, they dropped anchor at a headland, called False Islet, now known as Kwaaihoek and decided to embark on their return journey home1488: December Bartolomeu Dias returned to Lisbon having opened up lucrative trading routes from Europe to Asia and with invaluable information for future Portuguese voyages of exploration."