what are the route of administration of aerosols e.g inhalation, oral etc?

rondizon7 | Student

Aerosol drug administration or also known as inhalation therapy is the administration of a drug via air particles delivered by an appropriate device that is inhaled and absorbed into the patient's body via the lungs. Aerosols drug administration is usually given via mouth or indicated among patients who need rapid absorption or fast effect of a specific drug. Aerosol drug administration is prescribed among patients suffering from lung problem such as; asthma, emphysema, obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other lung-related problems. The specific drugs are generally given by two ways. The first is via a device called a nebulizer. The nebulizer is a mechanical pump that creates a fine mist in which the drug is distributed via an appropriate nebulizer-compatible face mask. The second way or method of delivery is through a hand-held device or nebulized aerosol device. These devices, is otherwise known as "puffers," wherein the effects of a pressurized gas usually create and distribute the drug into a small or fine mist or spray, which is then inhaled.

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