What is Rosh's main requirement for those who wish to join his band in The Bronze Bow?  

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Of Rosh's main requirement for those who wish to join his band, Daniel says,

"Rosh asks of them all just one thing.  They must hate the Romans, and be willing to go on fighting til the last cursed one of them is driven from the land and Israel is free" (Chapter 2).

Rosh is singleminded in his desire for vengeance against the Romans.  He is driven by hatred, and nothing and no one will stand in the way of his goal.  He fosters no sense of unity or comaraderie among his men; to him, they are nothing more than a means to an end, and if one of them should be captured while doing his bidding, he is essentially on his own.  Rosh's cold-blooded attitude towards his men is illustrated when Joel is captured while following his orders.  Rosh is unconcerned about Joel's fate, and refuses to send men to help in securing his rescue.

Rosh professes to want to free the Israeli people from Roman oppression, but he cares little for those he plans to liberate on an individual level.  He wantonly steals from the poor farmers and shepherds to feed his band and keep them armed, considering it their obligation to support those who purportedly would fight for them.

Rosh's main requirement for those who wish to join him is hate, and his whole mission is defined by a desire to exact vengeance.  His basic philosophy, based on a lack of care or consideration for anything other than the violent cause is evidenced by his actions and those of the men who follow him, and it is not long before his organization is recognized for the ruthless, unprincipled band of thieves that it is.

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