In Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, what are Romeo's actions after Balthasar tells him of Juliet's death? 

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Balthasar tells Romeo that he saw Juliet "laid low in her kindred's vault," meaning that she has been buried. Neither he nor Romeo, of course, is privy to the scheme hatched by Friar Lawrence and Juliet, because Friar John could not reach the town of Verona, which was closed down due to plague.  Romeo therefore has no reason to doubt Balthasar's word that his wife is dead. Over Balthasar's objections, he resolves to go and be by Juliet's side, where he will commit suicide using a poison he purchases from an apothecary. He even essentially bribes the apothecary to sell him the poison, which is outlawed in Mantua. He is determined to kill himself. 

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