Roman Fever Questions and Answers
by Edith Wharton

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What is the significance of the title, "Roman Fever" and how does it relate to the characters?

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"Roman Fever," by Edith Wharton is a story about two close Victorian friends who do not know each other.  These women revisit Rome years after their first youthful visit; this time they have their daughters with them, and the jealous comparisons are made between the women.  Mrs. Slade asks Mrs. Ansley how "two such exemplary characters as you and Horace had managed to produce anything quite so dynamic," and says of her own daughter, "I always wanted a brilliant daughter...and never quite understood why I got an angel instead."

For the older women, now widowed, Rome "brings back the past a little too acutely."  In truth, there was a secret resentment on the part of Mrs. Slade, for she learned that Mrs. Ansley had gone "to meet the man [she]...

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