What is the Roman Catholic's vision for society If possible use quotes or evidence of some sought

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The first point is that no religion in monolithic in its beliefs. In other words, there is so much diversity in beliefs, because all people think differently. Even with Catholicism, which seems uniform in belief, is very diverse. With that said, there are a few things that most Catholics and Christians even desire to see in society. We can roughly call this a vision of society.

First, peace is something that most Catholics would like to see. They use the example of the love of God as the basis. A good example of this is Mother Theresa, who was an ambassador of love and peace to all people.

Second, Catholics would like more people come within their fold. The evidence of this is their missionary endeavors. They want people to share their faith. This is not necessarily a narrow-minded thing, because in the end all people are persuading everyone else.

Third, Catholics also have a strong moral vision. They stand against what they feel is immoral behavior.

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