All My Sons Questions and Answers
by Arthur Miller

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What are the roles of women in the tragedy All My Sons?

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This question is a little difficult to approach because the women in the play serve different roles.  Some of the characters seem a bit free in their actions, while others are more restricted.  Kate Keller takes on a more traditional role in All My SonsShe is the only person who knows that Joe is guilty, yet she keeps this secret for many years.  Apparently, she and Joe never discuss the secret, and he just expects her as his wife to maintain his confidence even though he has committed a sin and a crime.  Yet Ann, the other major female character in the play, is not so traditional and follows her feelings even though her family and society may not approve.  She had been Larry's girlfriend, and after she receives his letter, she accepts his death and moves on to his brother Chris.  The family continues to see her as "Larry's girl," but she is intent on living for herself and finding love.  So, the roles of women in the play vary.

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