What is the role of women in the Chrysalids that they play

catherinechoo | Student

Women in this novel play many roles; from being a friend like Sophie to David to being a submissive wife like Mrs Emily Strorm. John Wyndham does not really stereotype women in his novel as they play strong and weak characters too. Mrs Wender is an extremely loving, caring and understanding mother and wife. She shows great care and compassion to her daughter's deviation and does not reprimand her even when her secret is found out as a result of her carelessness. Instead, she comforts her and takes action immediately; that is to leave Waknuk immediately. In contrast, Mrs Emily Strorm is an extremely submissive, cold and compliant wife. She listens without questioning and fears her husband greatly. She is also a bad mother and fails to show the motherly side to David even when he is injured. From these two main characters, one can conclude that women are portrayed very differently in this novel.