What is the role of women in All My Sons?

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Arthur Miller’s All My Sons debuted on 1947 and examines the role of morality and mortality among business partners. The use of a gendered term in the title highlights a heightened sense around the gender roles the characters in the play.

For the most part, the separation of male and female roles is very apparent and very indicative of American life in the mid-1900’s. The women of the play are viewed within the context of their relationship to the men.

Kate is the matriarch of the Keller family, and she does not allow herself to accept Ann and Chris’s relationship. To accept the relationship would mean acceptance of Larry’s death. This frames Kate as a weak character, unable to face the truth and emotion that come with reality. She prefers to live in a fantasy where her son is still alive, just missing, instead of moving on.

On the other hand, the younger Ann is able to accept reality and move on with her life. She knows Larry has died and wants to pursue a life with Chris. When her...

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