What is the role of social science in education?

krishna-agrawala | Student

Social sciences is one of the three main branches of sciences, the other two being (1) natural sciences and mathematics and (2) Humanities.

Social sciences deal with our life and behavior as individuals and and as groups. It includes a very wide discipline of science such as psychology, sociology, anthropology, economics, history and science.

It is very difficult to imagine any field of human activity where social science cannot be applicable. In field of education it plays very important role in many ways as listed below.

  1. It helps to understand how people learn and develop. This knowledge id very helpful in designing more effective methods of teaching.
  2. It helps us to understand the psychology of students of different ages and types. This helps in better understanding of their capabilities, limitations, motivations and requirements. This is useful to teachers in understanding their students as individuals and dealing with them accordingly.
  3. Subjects such as sociology and anthropology help us to understand behaviour of students in groups and effect of cultural variations on their behavior. As most of the education is these conducted for groups of students, this type of information is again very useful for managing the students.

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