What should be the role of a woman at her home?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Thankfully, we as people are something more than our sex.  We are not defined by the fact that we are men or women.  Therefore, I believe that it is not possible to simply say that we should have specific roles within the home that are based on our sex.  Instead, our roles in the home should be based on our entire personalities and on the needs of our specific families.

What I am saying is that there should be no such thing as the man’s role or the woman’s role in a home.  Instead, the roles that men and women play should be determined by the specific circumstances.  For example, when my wife and I married, I knew how to cook and she did not due to the different ways in which we were brought up.  Therefore, it made much more sense that I should do the cooking.  As another example, when I was in graduate school, it made sense for us to arrange our lives around my needs and my wife took what jobs she could get given where we had to live.  Now, with her career, it makes more sense for us to arrange our lives around what she needs and I do what I can given where we have to live and what our familial needs are.  Neither of us is automatically dominant.  We play roles that are based on our personalities and on the needs of our family.

I think that we should not think of men’s roles and women’s roles but rather of the roles that are best suited for a family in a given situation. 

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