What is the role of science quiz?role of science quiz in the students development?

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One very important part of student's learning is to be able to attain what knowledge they have gained from lessons.  By administering a science quiz following a lesson or series of lessons, the teacher is able to use the results to determine what specific areas the child has missed in learning.  The teacher may develop the quiz so that it has different types of questions which will also provide information which informs the teacher on the level of question understanding a student may have. 

There are several types of questions used in quizzes.  Inference questions delve deeper into the subject matter and the answers must be understood by the reader.  They can not be directly pointed out in a book.  Multiple choice questions can be specific information such as the name of an element. 

Each question is specific to a topic in the lesson.  If a student studied about the hydrosphere, a question may be based on the upwelling of water and the movement of the nutrients.  Another question might be on the plants closest to the water's surface and photosynthesis.  If the student misses the question about upwelling, the teacher knows that the student needs to re-mediate on that particular subject.


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Science quiz is basically set of question relating to topics in science subject which can be answered with short statements or by choosing between alternative answers.. These question may be put to set of individual or group of individuals in a public forum as some kind of contest between them. The respondent may also be asked to answer the question in form of written or computer terminal based examination.

The purpose of the quiz is obviously to test and compare knowledge of the respondents in specific subjects on which the quiz is based. In addition to providing this kind of assessment, quizzes also help to create interest in scientific subjects, specially when these are organized as contests in open forums.