What is the role of a resturant floor manager?

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The role of a restaurant floor manager will vary to some degree based on the culture of the restaurant in question.  In general, they are in charge of management, that is ensuring that all facets of the restaurant run smoothly from food preparation, waitstaff, and customer service. 

To accomplish this level of familiarity, most restaurant managers will have to spend a certain amount of time as a cook, server, or bartender (if appropriate) in order to develop a well rounded grasp of the interworkings of the establishment.

A typical night for a floor manager would be to arrive early in the afternoon to ensure any requisite food preparations are ready, circulate throughout the work and dining areas to troubleshoot any problems that might arise, begin the process of phasing out waitstaff as the evening crowds dissapate, handle the "settling of tickets" with servers as they leave for the evening to make sure all monetary items are in order, and supervise clean up to prepare for the next day.

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