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What is the role of prophets in ancient greece?

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The role of prophets were seen as types of advisers who possessed the gift of "sight."  Their words were often sought out by those in the position of power as one in that position wanted to ensure that the fates were on their side.  For example, prior to battles or when making plans for wars, prophets could be used as sources that would be able to advise if the plans were going to be fortuitous or not.  In another sense, prophets operated as individuals who possessed "sight" or a sense of wisdom.  In my mind, Tiresias is probably one of the most famous examples.  When his words display to Oedipus that there is a truth with which his actions are not necessarily in harmony, the role of the prophet is revealed to be one who possess insight into the future or can operate as almost like a mediator between the world of mortals and the heavens.

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