What is the role of Political parties of Pakistan?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As with any other nation with political parties, the system of representation is based on affiliation with parties that support specific goals and ideas that specific Pakistanis support.  For example, the PPPP speaks for those who advocate a political set of beliefs that are more on the "Leftist" side of the political spectrum.  In contrast, the PML political party is more on the "Right" and Conservative side of the political spectrum.  In both, the political parties in Pakistan are able to embrace more ideas that appeal to more people.  As with any other nation, the political party system is meant to represent greater individual with the coalescing of political voice in matters of legislation and parliamentary debate.  For a nation that has so many voices from so many different narratives, this becomes rather important.  For example, the PML speaks to the rural and tribal areas that might not receive immediate representation from a political party that is more urban and cosmopolitan in its nature.  The political party system enables more people to be heard in an effective manner through its representation.