What are the roles of open and closed problems in computing education?

Expert Answers
thetall eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Closed problems play a significant role when dealing with issues in computing that entail deductions or working backwards to reach a solution. It is highly likely that in the computing field an individual would encounter such a problem, which will require some form of “reverse engineering” to come to a conclusion. The individual would strive to understand what is peculiar about the particular problem, what could have caused it, what the problem involves, and when it happens, among other information that would enable one to build facts and understand what exactly they are dealing with in order to reach a favorable conclusion.

Open problems on the other hand deal mostly with what an individual wants to achieve. Understanding such problems plays a major role when dealing with computing issues proactively. For instance, in the development of computing solutions an individual would work to address issues that have not been addressed before or the solutions available that are not optimal. Open problems also offer an opportunity to the individual to participate in the process of coming up with alternative solutions which leads to innovation and improvement on existing systems.