What is the role of the minor female characters such as Placida, Margot etc. in Santiago's life? (not death)

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Chronicle of a Death Foretold, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, introduces many female characters that illuminate the personality of Santiago Nasar.  Margot, the narrator's sister, has a crush on Santiago, and she is a foil for Divina Flor, Santiago's cook's daughter.  Margot represents the kind of girl that Santiago would marry; Margot even envies Santiago's fiancee Fora Miguel.  Through Margot, we see that Santiago is quite a catch among the "nicer" and well-to-do women of the town.  However, Divina Flora, sees Santiago at his worst.  He is one who takes advantage of lower class women.  In the opening chapters Santiago touches Divina Flora inappropriately and her mother wants to see Santiago dead.  In this way, we see two sides of the man whom the twins killed:  the gentleman that draws the attention of young girls in the town and the molester who treats subordinate women with disrepect and a sense of entitlement.

Placida is Santiago's mother, and we are told that her relationship with his father was a loveless one.  His father sexually abused Divina Flor's mother, and Victoria Guzman is worried the Santiago will continue the pattern.  Santiago's mother is another example of a failed marriage, as are the vast majority of the marriages mentioned in the novel are.  Indeed, through these minor characters Marquez seems to show the double standards that exist for men and women, and how difficult it is to determine if and how Angela Vicario's accusations are true.

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How does Maria Alejandrina Cervantes play a role in Santiago's life?

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yes it refers to the Chronicle of a death foretold

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I assume you're referring to the characters in Chronicle of a Death Foretold, yes?

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