What is the role of messenger RNA for the protein synthesis?

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thetall eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Proteins are made from the combination of amino acids that are arranged in a particular order through intermolecular dehydration reactions. Each variation of the amino acids sequence leads to the formation of a different protein. The ribonucleic acid (RNA) is not only responsible for the selection of these amino acids, but also deciding their sequence. The tree types of RNA involved in this process are; the transfer RNA, the messenger RNA and the ribosomal RNA.

The messenger RNA transports information from the DNA to the ribosomes. It provides the ribosomes with the base from which to build proteins by carrying genetic information derived from the DNA in a specific nucleotide sequence. Each nucleotide sequence is made up of four dissimilar nucleotides and it takes 20 amino acids to form a protein. In order to facilitate the nucleotides to indicate the exact amino acids required for the formation of a particular protein, the nucleotide arrangement is interpreted in codons. A condon refers to a group of three nucleotides which have their matching anticodons in the tRNA. Once the tRNA transports the corresponding anticodons to the ribosomes, protein synthesis is actualized.

pacorz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Messenger RNA is a copy of the relevant section of DNA for the production of a specific protein. Messenger RNA, or mRNA, is made in the nucleus and is transported out through a nuclear pore into the cytoplasm.

Once the mRNA reaches the cytoplasm, ribosomes attach to it and begin the process of translation. In translation, the ribosomes "read" the bases along the mRNA, and each group of three bases is used to identify an amino acid which will become part of the protein. Transfer RNAs brings the called-for amino acids in sequence, and the ribosomes join them together into the polypeptide. When it is completed the polypeptide is released into the cytoplasm, after which other cell processes finish it into a protein. So to summarize, the role of messenger RNA is instructions for the sequencing of amino acids.

mksb | Student

Messenger RNA molecules are fed through the ribosomes during protein synthesis.

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