Examine the role of mentors in The Power of One.

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Mentors play an important role in The Power of One. Due to the fact that Peekay never really experiences the power of a family, mentors have to operate as almost surrogate parents in how they provide resources and shelter from a horrific world.  One mentor would be Hoppie, who teaches Peekay his boxing skills.  Hoppie operates as a mentor because he is able to provide some level of structure and guidance to the boy.  In a world in which so many have abandoned or abused him, Hoppie is an anomaly.  Hoppie is a mentor because he teaches Peekay a skill that would help to define the arc of his narrative.  Another mentor would be Doc, the music teacher in Barberton.  Doc enables Peekay to embrace his musical side and his spirit of humanity which will come to define him throughout much of his narrative.  Doc is a mentor because he is able to educate Peekay, illuminating a part of his being that remain devoid of instruction for so long.  Another mentor in the narrative would be Miss Bornstein, who provides an educational structure for Peekay.  Miss Bornstein mentors Peekay in his studies.

Mentors play a vital role in the narrative because they operate as parental figures for Peekay.  Mentors end up providing guidance for Peekay, and enable him to develop the independence and power in dealing with an often cruel world.  Mentors are what provide the "haven in a heartless world" for Peekay.

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