What role do medical and phamaceutical companies play in driving mental health research? Apply this to the movie "A Beautiful Mind".

Expert Answers
mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In my opinion, medical and pharmaceutical companies play a significant role in driving mental health research. Grant money is difficult to find to fund research,  and medical companies do so in hopes of finding a new drug to sell.  The first years of a new, effective drug are the years the company makes incredible amounts of money which is the drive to find another new drug which helps mental illness. As the sister of someone who deals with clinical depression, mental health research is critical as more information about brain-based illnesses surfaces. We now know so much more than we did even 5 years ago, but we have so far to go.  As government funds for research dry up, the only real source for money are the medical and pharmaceutical companies.  When watching A Beautiful Mind, the  incredible complexities of mental illness drive home the need for more help, more research, new approaches and drugs to stabilize the mentally ill, and all of these take money.