What is the role of information technology in health sector?

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brettd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Let me give you a specific example of IT's role in medical care.  My Father-in-law recently had an extended stay in the hospital where he required around-the-clock care.  Every time a new nurse would come in, or a shift change would happen, they would electronically scan his wrist bracelet, and on the screen would be every drug that had been administered and when, his allergies, his doctors and their orders, diagnosis, etc.  Everything was right there, up to the minute at the touch of a button for any nurse to access.

The drawback of course, was that it is a complicated system with a lot of access ports and constantly changing data, and the system seemed to have some bugs and go down a lot.

Privacy advocates also wonder if it's a good idea to have all of a patient's medical information in one place, where it could be abused by, say, insurance companies in deciding who to cover.

dano7744 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The role of IT in the health industry in huge. Many health -care facilities are attempting to go "paperless". Medical records in hard copy form are becomming a thing of the past. Computer technology enables us to maintain electronic files and records. There has been some discussion of creatinga wallet sized card with your personal information on it:everything from your past medical history to current medications to allergies.

Currently, much data is transferred and accessed electronically such as x-ray and CT(cat scan) reports, insurance information and the like.

As in other industries, IT will continue to thrive in the health-care setting and it's use will only become more evident with time.

gelareghasemi | Student

what is the role of information technology in patient engagement in healthcare sector?