What is the role and importance of interest groups and political parties?

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Interest groups and political parties play an important role in our political system. Political parties are important because they identify issues that are important to them, and they work to achieve goals related to those issues. This allows people who share a similar view on these issues to work together to try to accomplish these goals. Some of these issues include the economy, the interpretation of laws, the development policies regarding education, the level of taxation, and the role government plays in our lives.

Interest groups are important because they will generally support the political party that represents the goals and beliefs that they have. Interest groups can raise money to help candidates that share their beliefs. Interest groups also can run ads on television to support their candidates or to attack the opposition. Interest groups may spread information to the public about an issue that is important to them. (Sometimes, the information that is given is biased so the public needs to be aware of that.) In today’s political world, interest groups play a very significant role in helping a political party attract voters and gain support for key issues.

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