What is the role of imagination in Coleridge's ancient marriner? talk about the element of imagination !!

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Coleridge, the author of "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner," saw imagination as related to intuition, and as a faculty that develops in communion with nature and with the transcendental, that which is beyond human understanding.  In his poetry, Coleridge sought to create a work of perfect poetic imagination.  "Rime" is such an attempt.

Coleridge also believed that imagination and creativity are forces within the individual that respond to the natural world.  This is what happens to the Mariner in the poem.  Faced with a nightmarish and supernatural world in which the supernatural seems a part of the natural (nature), the Mariner changes and grows until he learns to love that which he hated:  the sea snakes, for instance. 

So, in addition to the obvious imagination used to write the poem, imagination plays a vital role within the poem itself.

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