What role has geography played in the development of the Byzantine Empire?

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thetall eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Geography played a major role in the establishment of the Byzantine Empire because it covered some parts of the Middle East, North Africa, Italy and Greece. These locations combined provided the empire with the much needed resources for its development. The Empire was able to strategically establish the wealthiest and largest city in Europe known as Constantinople and fortify it. The city was positioned along the Bosporus River and Black Sea with access to Africa, Asia and Europe. This further strengthened its money economy due to trade. The wealth helped the Byzantine Empire in advancing its military capacity and strengthening its government. This enabled the empire to expand its territory immensely due to its power. The Empire established trade routes and was in the middle of these territories providing access to a variety of produce from these regions.

eaamon | Student

as the tall says. also it was the departure point of the earliest "Silk Road" trail that went South of the Himalayas, to a pass through from India to China. was later called the horse silk road. it has also been called tea-horse road or a mix of horse tea and silk road. this until Atilia the Hun came along. still the departure point but went North.

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