What role has gaming played in the recent development of Indian Country?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Indian gaming has played a major role in the recent development of Indian Country.  However, this role has been inconsistent across the US and may be waning today.

Of course, there are many very successful Indian casinos that have brought unprecedented wealth to the tribes that run them.  Tribes that have such casinos have been able to pay out large sums of money to their members.  But not all tribes are well-placed to benefit from gaming.  There are many tribes in places like Wyoming and South Dakota who are too far from urban areas to benefit much from gaming.  This accounts for much of the inconsistency in how much the casinos have helped tribes.

In addition, the boom may be on its way out.  Competition has increased between tribes.  In addition, more and more states are legalizing various kinds of gambling that are not run by tribes.  This will eat into the ability of Indian gaming to help with the development of Indian country.