Lord of the Flies Questions and Answers
by William Golding

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What role does guilt play in Lord of the Flies? For example, what does it mean when some boys feel guilt over Simon's death, while others do not? 

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In Lord of the Flies, when the boys first land on the deserted island, they initially try to adhere to the rules of civilization that they followed when they were schoolboys in England. Over the course of the novel, most of the boys gradually move further and further away from civilized rules of order and society. We see this in their divergent actions during the book.

For instance, Piggy never strays from civilization or from the rules that are deeply embedded in him. In some ways, he is the voice of reason and norm. He calls for order and adheres to the rules that the boys establish on the island when they first land there – specifically that there is one leader and that whoever holds the conch has the platform and the right to speak. Even these rules are gradually eroded as the majority of boys become increasingly less civilized and more savage.

Specifically, in contrast to Piggy and Ralph, Jack and his followers become more violent as the narrative continues. The scene in which the group...

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