What role does the feud between the families play in the tragedy?

Expert Answers
Lynn Ramsson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The family feud between the Montagues and the Capulets is the foundation upon which this whole tragedy sits. Simply, without the feud, there would be no need for Romeo and Juliet to hide their love and to plot to be together, and it is likely that their unnecessary deaths would not have happened.

Interestingly, however, without the family feud and the excitement of forbidden love, would the attraction between Romeo and Juliet been as powerful? With this question in mind, you could argue that the family feud is actually necessary for their love affair to carry on for as long as it did and for as intensely as it did. Romeo, who is notoriously in love with love, may have lost interest had Juliet not been so out of reach.



mariagabi23 | Student

The Feud Between the Capulets and Montagues  is the reason the tragedy between Romeo and Juliet even occurred. The two families have had a long feud with each other for years. Both Romeo and Juliet were forced to hide the feelings they had for each other, because of their families. 

If the Capulets and Montagues had resolved their differences, both Romeo and Juliet would have lived to have a happy life. The Montagues and Capulets realize the error of their ways a little too late. Nevertheless, both families resolve their differences after losing their loved ones.