Describe the role of fate and chance in the story "An Astrologer's Day"?

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In "An Astrologer's Day," the role of fate or chance is evident. It is by chance that the astrologer set up his place of business in the area that Guru Nayak just happened to pass by. Guru Nayak has no idea who the astrologer really is. By chance, Guru Nayak lights a cheroot and the astrologer can see Guru Nayak's face. 

As fate would have it, Guru Nayak is not dead. He is searching for the astrologer, not knowing he is talking to him. Because of fate, Guru Nayak survives the stabbing wounds of the astrologer years ago. Now, he is searching to find the man who stabbed him many years ago. By chance, Guru Nayak comes upon the astrologer. He does not recognize the astrologer as his attacker.

As fate would have it, the astrologer goes unrecognized. He escapes with Guru Nayak's money and his life. It was not in the stars for the astrologer to be recognized by Guru Nayak.

The astrologer tells Guru Nayak what he wants to hear. He prophesies that the astrologer is indeed dead, killed by a truck. Guru Nayak leaves the astrologer with peace of mind that his attacker is dead. The astrologer is relieved that he did not kill a man he thought he had killed. The story has a happy ending because of fate and chance. 


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