What is the role of education in Wuthering Heights?

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Wuthering Heights shows that, in the days of its writing, education is tantamount to opportunity. Each of the characters receives different opportunities, all of them stemming from their level of education, and that directs their fate throughout the novel.

Edgar, Catherine's eventual husband, is educated and wealthy, and his learning brings him financial stability which brings him a spouse in Catherine. Heathcliff, who remains uneducated and destitute until he manages to earn a living through gambling, is unable to attain Catherine, after whom he longs and pines. Heathcliff and Hareton are both denied education for most of their lives and because of this they are denied opportunity.

The men are juxtaposed against one another as Heathcliff having potential, being strong and passionate as well as handsome and powerful, but because of his lack of education he is unable to make much of himself. Edgar, on the other hand, is rather diminutive, frail, and not very spirited, but his education has...

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