What role does society play in heart disease??

trishanne | Student

There are many factors in our society that contribute to heart disease. Listed below are three things that have changed in society that have been postulated to be a contributor to heart disease as well as other health issues.

1. Physical inactivity - physical inactivity has been linked to 35% of coronary heart disease mortality. It is a significant risk factor to heart disease. Twice as many adults are inactive than smoke cigarettes. 700,000 deaths a year in the United States are from heart disease. Some of the cause are people are spending more time playing video games,  people who are physically disabled, people with injures that limit movement, adolescents, adults who are overweight (a diet often from junk foods from society‘s grocery and fast-food, and restaurants, women, and people with low incomes all have elevated levels of sedentary behavior.

2. high stress - stress can damage your arteries. The demands in life have increased with such factors as single families where the demand for the parent to work and take care of home, jobs with high expectations leading to stressful situations and everyday routine.

3. poor diet - Society evolved from the traditional home cooked meal to junk foods which are high in calories and fat that gives little nutritional value.

There are many issues and factors that society has played a role in heart disease. Listed below are some of the websites I got information from. You might find it interest to read. It provides a wealth of importance.