What role does Sally Seton play in Clarissa’s life, in Woolf's Mrs Dalloway?

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Sally Seton has a huge influence on Clarissa Dalloway's character when the two are young women and part of the same circle of friends. In the present day of the novel, both women are married and living fairly sedate, proper lives. The novel, however, uses stream-of-consciousness technique to tap into Clarissa's memories of her younger days as she prepares for a party she is throwing that evening.

It is implied in the novel that Clarissa was attracted to Sally and that her relationship with Sally was her first experience with true desire. Even though both women end up marrying men, Clarissa suggests that the sexual tension and attraction she feels for Sally are different than that of any romantic relationship she's had with a man, including her own husband. Clarissa and Sally kissed at one point, and Clarissa calls this kiss "the most...

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