Discuss the implications of Hale's role in The Crucible.

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The previous answer was strong.  I would merely add that Hale’s importance is to represent the individuals who believe in the system of justice and struggle with the corruption that is a part of it.  Hale’s significance of being a “broken minister,” in Proctor’s words, is powerful because he struggles with how to reconcile justice in the face of corruption.  On one hand, Hale is quite admirable.  He is the first individual in the position of some power to condemn Abigail for the lies she spreads.  This is significant because it shows that at the most basic of levels, even individuals who are embedded in the machine of the Status Quo can speak out against injustice within it.  Miller writes his drama about Salem, but also with the ghost of Nazism in mind.  He recognizes that many Germans were decent, but went along with the Nazis because they were a part of the system and could not speak out against it.  Hale is a character who rebuffs this, as he...

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