In Fahrenheit 451, what role does Professor Faber play in Montag's development as a character, and who is Professor Faber?

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Faber is a retired English professor who has been hiding in his home contemplating rebellion for some time but is too cowardly to act upon his rebellious feelings until Montag visits his home. After Montag sees Faber in the park inconspicuously reading a book of poetry, he kindly approaches Faber, who gives him his address. When Montag begins to experience a change of heart and commences his intellectual pursuit, he visits Faber's home to ask for help comprehending the text he is reading. Faber ends up contributing to Montag's character development by explaining to him the importance of...

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Professor Faber can be seen as the beginning of Montag's gradual disillusionment with the society he lives in. Long before Montag meets Clarisse, he encounters an old professor in a park who gives him his very first glimpse into the world of books, knowledge, and thought. Later on Montag meets Clarisse, and when he becomes determined to find out more about books, he seeks Professor Faber. Faber is very important in that he contributes some organization to Montag's thoughts and plans. When Montag seeks out Professor Faber, he has no idea what he is looking for or what he's going to do. Faber provides Montag with material, with books, and teaches him how to interpret them. Faber also gives Montag more solid plans, more realistic schemes that might uproot the horrible society they live in. Faber also becomes a source of strength for Montag by giving him a device through which Faber is able to speak to Montag and guide him as he confronts Beatty and finally breaks away completely from the society they both hate.  

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