What role does parental involvement play in literacy development? How can a teacher increase their involvement? Discuss

Expert Answers
mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Parental involvement with their child's literacy development plays a huge role in how well their child develops literacy skills.  Parents are the ones providing interaction, stressing reading, using the library or buying books,writing stories, and consulting with the teacher as to their child's progress.  Teachers can help with their own involvement as well as the parents.  Teachers are the ones who encourage children in school, teaching them to read and participate in the activities related to reading plus writing about events, thoughts or stories. Teachers can  increase parental participation by sending book bags home, by having the child read with the parent, by helping parents who are having trouble try new methods for them such as the child reading every other sentence or discussing with the child what is happening after reading two pages of a book. They also encourage children when they display writing activities which children have done.  All these help the child develop literacy.


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