What role does fate play in the downfall of Macbeth?explain in detail

Expert Answers
lsumner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Macbeth was minding his own business. He was fighting on the battlefield as any good soldier would be. In his skill as a soldier, Macbeth was quite competent. He and his good friend Banquo were doing what good soldiers do. Then the witches plant desires in Macbeth. As fate would have it, Macbeth meets the witches and they shape his destiny. Until Macbeth meets the witches, he is content fighting for King Duncan. He is giving his all on the battlefield for King Duncan.

When Macbeth meets the witches, fate determines his destiny. Because of the evil desires that the witches plant inside of Macbeth, he becomes destined for the throne at any cost. When Macbeth shares the prophecy with his wife, his fate is sealed. Lady Macbeth is determined to make the prophecy come true.

Fate uses the strong will of Lady Macbeth to make sure of the prophecy. Lady Macbeth convinces Macbeth to kill King Duncan. Lady Macbeth becomes the voice of reason for Macbeth. She is determined to help fate out. Although Macbeth has free will, his fate is determined when his wife hears the prophecy. She will stop at nothing to see that Macbeth's fate is fulfilled. Fate and Lady Macbeth create a partnership. What fate meant to initiate, which is the evil desire for Macbeth to become king, Lady Macbeth becomes the driving force to ensure that Macbeth comes into his destiny. If Lady Macbeth had not heard the prophecy, Macbeth would have changed his mind. He tells Lady Macbeth that they will proceed no further in the murdering of King Duncan:

We will proceed no further in this business.
He has recently honored me, and I now have the
Golden opinions from all sorts of people,
Which I want to enjoy for a bit longer, and
Not cast them aside so soon.

If Macbeth had never shared the prophecy with Lady Macbeth, there would possibly have been no murdering of King Duncan. The prophecy stirs in Lady Macbeth. As fate would have it, Lady Macbeth is determined to make the prophecy come to past.