What role does education play in Jane Eyre?

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Bronte addresses various types of education in Jane Eyre, arguing that one’s complete education is critical to fulfillment in life. However, that education goes beyond books.

For Jane, education has always been a savior. Outcasted at the Reed home, Jane spends her time reading, which gives her knowledge of the world, as well as a beginning of confidence and an ability to speak well. The best thing that happens to her as a young child is being sent to Lowood school. Although her aunt only does so in order to get rid of her, as well as to punish her for being “a naughty child addicted to falsehood and deceit,” Jane’s life changes for the better at school.

There, she learns lessons about life she never would have learned with Mrs. Reed. She befriends another student and a teacher, who teach her that faith is important and self-discipline is essential if one is to get through life. Jane also discovers that she is important as a human being and is worthy of self-respect and the respect...

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