What role does the description play in the novel?how to write a thesis based on the story ?

kc4u | Student

Description/Narration builds the very novelistic fabric. A novel usually tells a story, portrays characters, presents the setting, evolves an atmosphere, works out a philosophical attitude to life. In every field, descriptive/narrative art of the novelist is called into service. The setting has to be described with necessary details so that it suits the growth of the novel's plot. Description of the characters-- their appearance/exterior as well as their minds/motives/interior--constitute a crucial part of the novel's unfolding pattern. An episode/action/event involves appropriate descriptive skill. Authorial comments and philosophical reflections also depend upon descriptive art. A work of prose-fiction is chiefly grounded in the author's excellence in description/narration. It is obviously much more than mere mechanical accumulation of information/detail.