What role does art play in our modern lives? 

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wordprof eNotes educator| Certified Educator

"Art is looking at things carefully."   William Saroyan

              When the world insists that scientific logic is the only epistemology, and when the "Free Enterprise System" dictates the worth of one's actions, then Art is the savior, the human impulse that re-connects the physical world with the spiritual world (see Thomas Aquinus).  By this I mean that Art, by definition, gets its raison d'etre from human impulses not measurable by these other two criteria.  Art today justifies our impulses, our non-directed impulses toward beauty, our non-directed need to create something that didn't exist before us and would not exist if not for us.  The term "beauty" is Art's companion, if we define beauty as a balance, an impulse toward order, a recognition of the world's "rightness" despite the everyday "wrongness" that seems to want to inundate us.  Today Art redeems our species.

ssandhu05 | Student

Art plays an important role in our modern lives in that it expresses individuality, creativity, and feeling. It is what visually enhances our world and our lives. Different forms of art include dancing, music, literature, acting, and drawing/painting. With the different forms of art comes the different ways that it impacts society. Art can be used as a means of entertainment, learning, advertising, and showing ones personality or talent. Without art, our world would be very dull, boring, and uninteresting if you think about it. So it plays a significant role in many ways.

thewanderlust878 | Student

Art plays a very important role in modern society. Everyday, artists and even non-artists contribute works that change and shape the present, and the future. Controversial works in magazines, on the internet, and other places show that people are not afraid to show the world what they believe in and how they think society should be run. Political cartoons, posters, banners, even roadside advertisements are created to try to either influence people to buy or think a certain way, or to bring attention to injustices that are happening all around the world every single day. While you see less and less of modern artists creating works that mirror the detail and meaning of classic art from the past, artists of the modern age are creating their own style and changing the world with every work they create. 

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arteducator9 | Student

You can't use a single human sense without the inclusion of art.  Technology has taken art into an even more Inclusive and leading role.   The youngest generation has taken photography to a new awareness with their cell phones.  Art is the inclusion of the 3d printer, the drone, the unmanned car.  Art has shifted from the old school experiences of painting, sculpture, sketching, elements and principles, etc.  and has taken the lead in the problem solving direction.  Artists have taken over in the roles of teachers, engineers, culinary chefs, auto designers, etc.  Although removing the arts from schools Has been a recent norm, a new trend is taking place to reverse this mind of thought and make the arts and their attributes a requirement in the schools.  The arts promote problem solving which in turn encourage various possibilities.   This  period of our time is truly a new Renaissance for the arts.

vidonni84 | Student

With our everchanging world, comes ever changing art. Art is like a species that evolutionizes with time. Art is a reflection of our world through someone's eye and the craft of their hand. Art shows the truth and is like a photograph of a million words. Art depicts emotion, appreciation and dislike to all. Art in our modern world can be very simplistic, realistic in nature and can show the truth of politics and world issues without necessarily saying so. Art still makes people question their thoughts and beliefs. Art can be a picture in someone's wall, a conversation piece and something that will outlive us past our existence. It is the past, the present and the future. 

rocknteacher | Student

As the saying goes...

Earth without art is just Eh!- unknown. 

Art consists of music, drawing/painting, dancing, theater, acting, photography, film, writing and fashion. Art plays the role of surrounding us in the beauty of our capabilities to create something pure and breath taking. Our modern lives are flooded with art, each and every day. From the second you pick up an object, look at a magazine/newspaper or turn on the T.V.  You will be experiencing art in some way or another. What type of art have you encountered today and what role does it play in your life?