What role does art play in our modern lives? 

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"Art is looking at things carefully."   William Saroyan

              When the world insists that scientific logic is the only epistemology, and when the "Free Enterprise System" dictates the worth of one's actions, then Art is the savior, the human impulse that re-connects the physical world with the spiritual world (see Thomas Aquinus).  By this I mean that Art, by definition, gets its raison d'etre from human impulses not measurable by these other two criteria.  Art today justifies our impulses, our non-directed impulses toward beauty, our non-directed need to create something that didn't exist before us and would not exist if not for us.  The term "beauty" is Art's companion, if we define beauty as a balance, an impulse toward order, a recognition of the world's "rightness" despite the everyday "wrongness" that seems to want to inundate us.  Today Art redeems our species.

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