What role do microbial enzymes play in disease?

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Microbial enzymes are generally enzymes that are present in the microorganisms that have been studied for the past decades for the future of medical advancements. Enzymes in general are small molecules that can intervene in a certain reaction, either it increases or decreases its activation energy. 

These enzymes can be used to help in curing the disease that is compatible in the human body. 

Microbial enzymes are being isolated and manufactured for medical purposes for certain reasons. First, enzymes are thermally compatible with the human body temperature. Meaning, they do not degrade or malfunction when the enzymes is inside the body. Second, they are easy to produce. Researches on certain drug need lots of samples thus easy production of the enzyme is very important. Lastly, these enzymes are animal-friendly that cause less harm to animals and plants.


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