What role did women play in Mongol society?Please use these links to answer http://www.mongolia-attractions.com/ancient-mongol-women.html...

What role did women play in Mongol society?

Please use these links to answer



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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Of your two links, the one I've attached below (the globalist.com one) has better information on this topic.  Basically, according to this article, Mongol women pretty much ran things in the Mongol "homeland" while the men were off conquering various other areas.  As the link says

women managed the affairs at home, while men went off to herd, hunt or fight.

According to that article, this traditional state of affairs gave women a huge amount of power as the Mongols started to dominate a larger area.  The men would be off for much longer periods of time and so the women had to do more and more of the ruling of the home Mongol territory.