What role did Sadiku play in Sidi's visit to Baroka's palace?  

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Sadiku initially seeks Sidi to tell her that Baroka has requested her hand in marriage. Sidi rejects Baroka's offer because she has become conceited after seeing her images in the magazine. Sidi tells Sadiku that the Bale is much too old to be her husband and insults Baroka several times. Sadiku is shocked and tells Sidi that if she refuses to marry Baroka she can at least come to supper at his house tonight. Sidi again refuses Baroka's invitation because she has heard of how Baroka baits the women who agree to eat supper with him. Sadiku dismisses the rumors and tells Sidi they are nothing but lies, but Sidi doesn't believe her. Sadiku goes home and tells Baroka that Sidi refuses to marry him and will not come over for supper either. Baroka cunningly lies to Sadiku and tells her that he is impotent, knowing full well that Sadiku will gossip. The next day when Sadiku goes to the village, she shares Baroka's "secret" with Sidi, and Sidi tells her that she will accept Baroka's invitation so she can mock him during the meal. By spreading the rumor that Baroka is impotent, Sidi is convinced that the Bale will not able to make any sexual advances towards her. Sadiku unknowingly plays a part in Baroka's plan to woo Sidi by telling her that Baroka is impotent when he's not, which is the reason Sidi is willing to go to his house for supper. 

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