What role does money play in the novel The Devil in the White City?Like the lack of it etc... and say what it amounted to, or resulted in

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In the novel The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson, money plays a huge role.  The Chicago World's Fair or the Colombian Exposition wanted to make Chicago's fair outshine the 1889 French Exposition Universel which revealed the Eiffel Tower and the sophistication of France. In Chicago, money is a continual issue because of the swampy area chosen for the Fair, the lack of the overseeing committee to understand the vision, and the issue of time to make the fair what Daniel Burnham envisions.  Buildings are designed by the leading architects who have to be persuaded to donate their fee or at least part of it.  Buildings collapse in a big storm requiring time delays and more expense.  The grounds can't really be worked on until the buildings were in place which were delayed for lack of money.  In the end, through great struggle, the Fair is ready and is a marvel to behold.  It shows the advances made in electricity, transportation, food, which all amazed the public and the reader.  Without Burnham to persuade the architects and builders to both donate time and hurry while being careful, the Fair would not have happened as it did. 

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