What role did the church play in helping Clovis conquer other Germanic peoples?

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larrygates eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The important element of Clovis conversion to Christianity is that he converted to Roman Catholic Christianity. There is substantial evidence that he did so at the behest of his wife, Chlotilda, who was a Roman Christian. Other Germanic tribes had abandoned polytheism and become Christian, but they had adopted Arian Christianity, a sect considered heretical by the Roman Church. With his adoption of Roman Christianity, Clovis not only received the support of the Pope but also the entire church hierarchy. Additionally, he gained the support of the Roman Christian people who were living in the remains of the old Roman Empire. TheĀ support of the Church and the people of the old empire enabled himĀ to organize campaigns against other Germanic tribes as well as the remaining elements of the Empire. His conversion thus played a substantial role in allowing the Franks to become the dominant force in the former Empire.