In Brave New World, what is the role of the country in the World State economy?

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The country in literature, typically represents calm and quiet reflection and an image of beauty and serenity.  This is not so in Brave New World.  In this novel, the country exists to aid the economy.

The World State's economy thrives on consumption of goods and services which then require the increased production of those goods and services.  In a nutshell, nobody recycles in this society, as that does not leading to production:  such the phrase, "Ending is Better than Mending!" 

The country serves to provide for this economy.  First, individuals must consume transportation to get there, such as flying in a helicopter.  These helicopters require maintenance.   In addtion, several "high-tech" sporting events take place in the country.  Centrifugal Bumblepuppy and Escalator Golf are two such pasttimes that require quite a bit of labor, upkeep and equipment.  All of this helps the economy of the World State.

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