what is the role of the community educator in the school.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that there are different understandings to the term "community educator." In some settings, the community educator is an on site educator who lives in educational residential settings, designed to help students navigate challenges that may exist both inside and outside of the classroom.  In other settings, the community educator is someone who is designed to establish outreach with the community.  For example, a community educator is someone who is meant to educate the larger community about civic elements or issues that have a direct impact on the community's well- being.  Some definitions of community educator involve someone who is more of a community activist, someone whose function is to directly work in the community and bridge the gulf between theory and practice.  The common link between all of these helps to bring out the relevance and role of the community educator as one who sees the community and the learning of a particular setting as convergent, where there is a shared understanding of what is happening in the classroom and how live is lived.

spearso | Student

A community educator has many different roles depending on the needs of the community that they are servicing and the goals of the program that they are working for. Many community educators focus on parent/family education. Helping parents with behavior management, help supporting with their kids homework/education, or helping families find resources such as food, clothing, jobs. Community educator may help people learn English, get their diploma, or get into college. They can advocate for them by teaching them about how government or school systems work. The community educator has many roles that change as the community changes its' needs.