what is the role of communication in public relationsno

ericaglr | Student

Public Relations is completely about communication. The job of a public relations professional is to communicate information about a product or service to the public. There are several tools used by public relations professionals. Writing press releases and engaging in proactive media relations are some of the most imortant things you can do as a PR professional. Public Relations encompasses all forms of publicity, from new product publicity to product placement, crisis management and even the internet.

Publicity is instrumental in introducing new products or repositioning existing products. How an organization handles crisis management is also very important. Product placement is another tool that involves public relations because where and how you place a product in the market will establish brand awareness and create favorable or unfavorable attitudes about the product or service. Consumer education and sponsorships are two other forms of communicating a message about your product or service. Many public relations professionals use these forms of comunication to create a loyal customer that is not only well informed but also has a positive image of the organization. The internet is becoming more and more important as well as more popular. A company website can be used to inroduce new products, get customer feedback, and communicate any number of things to the public.